5 Reasons to sell your wedding dress

Reasons to sell your wedding dress on Still White

So, the wedding is over and you are possibly wondering what to do with yourself now with nothing to plan!

I guess the next thing is to offload some of the styling pieces and then tackle the ultimate post-wedding questions, to sell or not to sell!

If you are thinking of selling I highly recommend STILL WHITE, use this link for 10% off the already low listing price.

Dresses tend to sell quickly and it’s a small flat fee to post, no commission.

I wasn’t totally sure whether I wanted to sell my dress or not, so put it off a year to make the decision.

Being the indecisive person I am, I put a call out on Social Media and you answered!

I go a mixed response back and all were great points to consider. See below for some responses…

In the end, I decided that I would rather give someone else the opportunity to adore this magical design and pass on the joy it gave me to wear. I should probably admit that I’m not the most sentimental and I know a lot of brides keep it, get it dry cleaned and boxed up, but I felt sad at the thought of keeping it in a cupboard when someone else could be wearing it.

Some said they like the thought of keeping it for their kids to try on – but what if we don’t have girls? And by the time they are old enough

It will probably either not be cool or they’ll put it on once and say ‘cool’ and then forget about it – is that worth lugging it around from house to house?

Someone then gave me the great idea to sell it and put the money I get for it into a savings bank account under possible ‘future offspring’ and it can sit there creating interest and hopefully go towards their wedding (or let’s be real, a family holiday before then!).

So, I’ve put mine up – check out my listing here. 

Reasons to Sell:

  1. You are probably never going to wear it again – Although People should totally have wedding dress parties
  2. It will most likely be smelly and mouldy by the time your possible daughters would be able to try it on
  3. You can pass on the joy to someone else!
  4. You can put the money towards something or a goal – A first Year Anniversary trip / Future kids / Home deposit.
  5. Minimalising and not hoarding makes you feel better. Unless of course your a super sentimental person or your Grandmother helped sew your dress, then ignore points 1-5. I just watched Marie Condo hence my clean thinking and I also never saw my mothers wedding dress so to me it has never really been a thing to do.

Planning on selling mine. Do you think anyone one will want a size 4 dress? ?

No I can’t bring myself to…I don’t think I’ve looked at it since the wedding day…but I’m just happy knowing it’s hanging there. Silly I know ?????

I thought I would, but two years later it’s still in my wardrobe ?” – Christine Limm

“I planned on selling mine but I just couldn’t part with it so now it’s hanging in my closet and I’m happy with that! ??”

“My grandmother made my dress from scratch so I don’t think I could ever part with it! ? – I totally get that, how awesome!”

“Keep it! I wore mine to a Ball last year, 14 years on! ??” – I don’t think I would still fit into it, but goals?

” I sold by accident? a bride saw my wedding featured in a mag, and contacted me about my dress and then I ended up selling to her. Which I didn’t mind, it felt like I was passing on the love and good memories my dress had.”

“We wore our wedding outfits for photos on our honeymoon (got photos in nyc, Bahamas & Canada) & plan to do the same for each trip we do to a new place every year ?? no better motivation to stay fit than knowing I have to squeeze into my wedding dress ?” – We did this too but I feel like 2 photoshoots is enough now haha

What are your thoughts?

Let me know below!

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