Wedding Planning – One Week To Go

What to do one week to go before your wedding

Wedding Planning – What to do one week before your wedding

10 Last minute ideas to help you check off all your to-do list.


Try to do a rehearsal at the same time of day as the ceremony a day or two prior to run through where you are going to walk and check where the sun and shade will be and work out your aisle walk path. Try to have the ceremony either full sun or full shade depending on the time on year, avoid dappled light as this isn’t great for photos. If you are in full sun try to make it backlit so you guys aren’t staring into the sun – your guests can handle it if it’s just 20 minutes. While you’re there get the bridal party to throw ideas for a good Wedding Hashtag. 

Check the weather forecast and have a backup plan like a clear marquee or see-through umbrellas.


Write your family photo list and give it to someone in each family (print out and digital) to organise on the day. 


Collect your dress if you haven’t already/ final fitting if getting it made. Don’t have tan on the day you do this.

Test run the FULL outfit, including your super sexy or not so sexy lingerie, shoes including any in-souls, earrings and practice walking around and maybe even going to the bathroom.


Buy all your drinks or confirm numbers with the bar staff. For catered weddings – well done for not needing to do this step. 

Instead of stealing one for the road grab a glass and chug some water!


Keep your beauty routine simple and don’t do anything drastic that might cause you to break out or stress out.

Get plenty of sleep. 

Spend some quality time with your lover. 

Breathe, do whatever makes you happy and relaxed.


Pay any remaining balances and confirm all vendors. Get out cash for the makeup artist. 


Get all your beauty appointments done – make sure to spread them out i.e. massage and waxing at least 24hours before tans. Book a massage, you are going to need and deserve it!

Get your nails done with your gals and or mother/s.

Tan 2 days before the wedding – I can recommend Aussie Bombshell in Claremont, Penni is amazing!


It’s up to you whether you buy your parents, Groomsmen and Bridesmaid gift packs – Or take the girls for spray tans and gel nails instead!

Kidogo Arthouse Fremantle wedding


Start getting together all the odds and ends, clothing and accessories you will need to take with you for your wedding weekend – it’s likely this will be the day before, of and after, and might also extend into your afterparty brunch or honeymoon wardrobe.

Pack an emergency kit filled with things like bandaids, panadol, nail file, protection, safety pins, small sewing kit, makeup and lippy touchups and hair spray.

Clean your Engagement Ring. Give the guys the rings and let them know the best man can take them out the box in the day if that is easier.

Clean up your work schedule and then clean up your house to make sure you come home to a sanctuary. 


Sit down alone and write your vows, BEFORE THE DAY!!! Write from the heart – do this once a week before and then go through them again at least once more the day before and tweak to make sure you get down everything you want to say. For ideas on how to write your own personalised vows click HERE. Print your vows. Read them out loud.


Send out the run sheet again with any changes to your vendors. 

Write a list of tasks and delegate – don’t give yourself any big tasks to do the week before your wedding – there will always be someone willing to lend a hand. Don’t stress if you have forgotten anything or if anything goes wrong.

Check in with the bridal party and confirm times and locations and what they need to bring and do.

Check-in with your photographer – confirm your timeline and any specific things.

If I’m shooting your wedding check my more detailed list of things to do and remember x

Kidogo Arthouse Fremantle weddingKidogo Arthouse Fremantle wedding


Drink lots of water.

Watch cliche wedding movies with your bridesmaids.

Write your partner a love note and give it to the groomsmen to slide his way in the morning. 

Get some sleep!

Some last minute things you might forget

Printed Vows – Wedding invitation for detail shots – Champagne for the girls – Day after wedding outfit – Painkillers for ay hangovers – Wedding lingerie – Makeup touchups – Love Note for your lover

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