Wedding planning checklist 1 months before your wedding

The countdown is on!

Including hens party ideas, wedding music, making lists and finalising all the details, here’s your Perth Wedding planning Checklist for what to do 1 month before your wedding…


Send any specific songs to the Band/ DJ for Isle, Exit, First Dance etc. Give them an idea of your crowd, what kind of demographic and any songs you love. You should hopefully trust them enough to not have to give them every single song they are going to play.


Don’t leave these too close to the wedding day…just in case. Celebrate down south at a huge Airbnb or do a small girl strip with your bridesmaids to Empire Retreat.

Tip: View a list of Hens night ideas (that don’t involve strippers) HERE.


Mishaps happen. They usually aren’t a big deal and solved super easily if you are prepared. Some brides collect everything mini from tweezers to tampons but the main things I would suggest is a sewing kit, scissors, wipes, bandaids, pain killers and maybe clear nail polish and some hairspray.

Tip: Pick you night-before sleeping accommodation plans well so you don’t end up like me waking up from the comfiest bed with a splitting migraine!


Double check you have everything you need for the big day. If not go shopping for shoes, earrings and underwear – don’t leave this until the day or two before like most brides!

Tip: Take your underwear, shoes and earrings along to your final dress fitting or try them on at home and lock down your choice. Get someone else’s opinion in daylight as to whether you can see your lingerie under your dress and whether you can ditch the Spanxx for sexy lingerie instead. 

Wear-in your shoes at home to avoid blisters! Same goes for the groom and his shoes. 


Compile RSVPs and send final numbers and dietary requirements to food vendors/ bar staff/ make sure you have enough chairs for oldies/ girls in high heels


If your venue is complicated/ out in the sticks send out a google maps pin location or map with instructions for all deliveries including parking so hair and makeup etc. doesn’t get there an hour late (I’ve seen it happen a few times!). A sign out on main roads/ dirt tracks is always handy for those not so tech-savvy or when you have no signal. 


Do up a seating plan if you don’t have a stylist and are doing sit down dinner, or just have long tables with no assigned seating and share plates to get people mingling and fed well


Check your wedding and honeymoon accommodation details and it’s probably a good idea to start finding your passport if you’re going overseas and start compiling all your travel details in one place. 


Make a list of everything you need to do a physically start crossing them off. This will help not forget anything and crossing them out feels so much better than deleting things off notes on your iPhone. 


Make a date night with your lover to go out and not talk about wedding plans. And maybe book in for a spa day to just calm yourself. 

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