If you have no idea where to start, here are some ideas!

  1. Celebrate together!
  2. Tell your nearest and dearest – in person! Celebrate over family dinner
  3. Tell the Online world – if you wish
  4. Start a wedding diary, Instagram folder and Pinterest page – even if you haven’t been planning your wedding since you were 5, these will come in super handy!
  5. Work out a ROUGH budget – I say rough because (unlike my husband thought) it is unrealistic to just pick a number from the sky. Work out together how much you are able to spend without going into too much debt – debt sucks and it is one day, and off your families contributions (if any)
  6. Choose your tribe. Because we all know they will be dying to find outHow to start wedding planning
  7. Start a guest list. You will need a rough idea of numbers before finding a venue. Pop them straight into an excel spreadsheet to save time. This spreadsheet will be used over and over for addresses/ numbers for the engagement party, save the dates, rsvp, dietary requirements, gifts, thank you cards etc. Don’t forget plus ones/ that your wedding is most likely a year away. Don’t feel like you HAVE TO invite anyone.  Consider if a small elopement with your closet family and friends is more you
  8. Try not to fight with your Fiancé about budget and Guestlist (guilty as charged) Fremantle Engagement Photos Perth - Fremantle Wedding Photographer Kate Drennan
  9. Start pinning Inso pics from my Pinterest board, then from boards like Hello May and The Lane. Start following wedding vendors on Instagram and saving anything you like to a ‘Wedding’ Board on Instagram – give it a cooler name than that. Start creating an overall mood board before trying to lock in anything or decide on specific things. Your ideas will most likely change! Once you have saved lots of pictures you will have a better idea as to what you like. This will help when it comes to picking the right vendors for you. For example if you want a moody dark winter indoor ceremony you could use Scape by S or styled notion flowers with One Day bridal modern chic Gown and Natalie Role gold slip bridesmaid dresses and Villa Kula lounges or if you like more blush light pretty neutral tones there is Katie Cooper, or Rose and Bud or if modern, funky and unique is your thing and want to make a statement Go natural Art Flowers with the Traveling Jaspers Styling and Event Artillery furniture. Same with Photographer, look through their websites and Instagram, get a feel for the different styles and what you keep coming back to, what you like and will like for years to come then also read through bios and meet with a couple to make sure you get along. Start pinning wedding dresses but try refrain from falling in love with and impulse purchasing the first one you try on!! If you have something specific in mind and want to get something made start contacting local dressmakers like Maevana in Leederville or Harriett Gordon in Fremantle.
  10. Celebrate again!

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