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Kate Drennan Photography Perth City Farm Wedding

Our wedding photos were published on Hello May magazine today which made me realise that I still haven’t blogged our own story. 


Andrew and I met back in 2009 on a bar shift at the Burswood Dome during either a Black Eyed Peas concert or Monster Trucks.. either way, it took about 4 years in the friend zone until we finally got together after bumping into each other accidentally on purpose at Running of the Bulls in Spain in Pamplona. Running for your life will do that to ya!

It wasn’t until a year later when Andrew received a contract to play cricket in England for the season that (I joke, but pretty accurate) he gave me an ultimatum that if I went over I had to move as his ‘girlfriend’. We ventured off to a little village in Essex and the rest, as they say, is history!

Alyse Wedding Dress by Odylyne The Ceremony


One weekend in winter we were down south for my Birthday Weekend and we came home from dinner to a courtyard covered in hundreds of candles. I thought it was a bit over the top not really being the romantic type but it was only until I saw the flowers (which was totally out of character) that I realised what was going on. Before I could turn around to say anything he was down on one knee. It was a total surprise, to say the least! I was in utter shock and besides saying yes straight away was left speechless – Andrew still says it’s the quickest decision I’ve ever made!!

He did well to make it a total surprise I had no clue, we travel a fair bit and everyone thought he’d pop the question when climbing Machu Picchu the month later but I’m so glad he did it before because 1. it was a huge surprise and 2. getting engaged while you’re all sweaty, exhausted, hangry and haven’t showered for 4 days isn’t as glamorous as Instagram makes it out to be!

We didn’t want a long engagement so picked the one free date I had 6 months away. In hindsight putting a wedding together in pretty much, the last two months was probably silly.


Here are some of the images beautifully captured by the legend that is James Simmons.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Kate Drennan's Wedding on Hello May Bridal MagazineKate Drennan's Wedding on Hello May Bridal Magazine

Kate Drennan's Wedding on Hello May Bridal Magazine

Kate Drennan's Wedding on Hello May Bridal Magazine

Kate Drennan's Wedding on Hello May Bridal MagazineBeing the middle of Summer we didn’t want the guys to have to wear suits. Andrew wanted to feel a bit fancy so decided on a nice light jacket, but one that was summery and fun, not too serious or anything like what he’d wear to work. I think the lads were chuffed! Kate Drennan's Wedding on Hello May Bridal Magazine
Perth wedding accomodation

We booked an Airbnb that I have always loved – Its open plan was perfect for getting makeup done and having people over the next day as well as being beautiful!

Perth wedding accomodation the nature inspire eco houseBeing in the industry and looking back I think that if I wasn’t a photographer I probably wouldn’t have done half the things we did but most things were totally worth it. In March we ended up having a second wedding for my family in South Africa which was super chilled, put together at our beach cottage / Grandad’s pineapple farm in 24hours with the local farm minister (who I only met as I walked down the aisle) – it was so much fun and really ‘us’ . Although we only have crappy iPhone quality shots of the ceremony and reception up on the deck overlooking the Kleinemonde River, it was perfect. We did a photoshoot in Cape Town on a different day for those Insta worthy shots – the whole thing made me really stop and think what is important about marriage and on a wedding day. Sometimes we get so caught up in material things like wedding trends and styling or having pretty shoes. In SA i went barefoot, it was grand.

Kate Drennan's Wedding on Hello May Bridal MagazineThe girls pretty much got to pick whatever they wanted to wear, after a few text messages back and forth – having the girls over East made it a little trickier but loved what they ended up wearing.

Perth bridesmaids
I’m not a robe girl and it was way too hot anyway so these cheap little slips from Chloe and Lola were great – mine was from Sabo Lux – thicker so i didn’t have to wear a bra and it unwraps to not mess the hairdo – win-win!
Perth bridesmaids Hen PArty Ideas
Best Perth wedding FloristI’ve never understood the whole matching bouquet thing, or bouquets in general unless it’s to have something to hold onto but I absolutely loved these Botanica Naturalis creations.Perth wedding accomodation
Loved the brunch board grazers we ordered for the morning prep – we got them again the next morning when we had people over too.
BEst makeup artist in Perth The Pretty Parlour
I loved our outfits i think they were very us. Nothing really matched because I like so many random things, but I loved it. The hanging install my florist made was super fun, I love art installations and tried to incorporate the hanging cascading floral goodness Anna made to lead down to some big-ass disco balls on the floor – the light they naturally bounced during the day made the whole venue sparkle – it was magical. Our invites were special because my Aunt (who along with most of my family couldn’t be at the wedding) hand-painted them – she is so talented and I loved the personal touch. I also loved that Anna our florist incorporated pineapple lilies into one of the bouquets – I spent a lot of my childhood on my Grandad’s pineapple farm in South Africa and wanted mini pineapples in my bouquet which you can’t get into Perth –  details like these mean nothing to anyone besides us but made the day really special. 
We loved designing our weddings rings. Andrew’s suits him and the black looks awesome with his hair (and rugged good looks). I don’t really love wedding bands so didn’t really want one at all but In the end I thought why not just do something fun and we created something that fits in with the gorgeous 3 diamond ring Andrew designed for me. 
Wedding invitations and signage Perth
I’m not sure why but the thought of going into wedding dress shops and trying on white bridal-ly dresses made me feel quite ill, so when I stumbled across the beautiful Alyse Gown from one of my all-time favourite brands Odylyne The Ceremony online and kept coming back to it I knew it must be the one. Trying to track it down from the states was proving difficult when by some miracle I contacted a few boutiques in Sydney and one just happened to have one sample Alyse gown that they were no longer stocking and it just so happened to be the colour I wanted and my size. Another miracle that just fell into place. When it arrived I must admit I was a bit worried if it was a bit much for someone wanting a simple courtyard wedding but I just left it to the last minute to get it altered a bit and then fell in love and still absolutely love it. 
Odylyne The Ceremony Wedding Dress
My reception shoes were a bit fun to go with the beautiful white silk jumpsuit Maevana made me.
Perth wedding dresses
Odylyne the Ceremony wedding dress
Wedding dress Australia


Being in the industry I am blessed to know so many incredible and incredibly talented people so it was super hard choosing who to hire!

I made a list of who I wanted/ enjoy working with, trying to include as many friends as possible, then realised very quickly I wasn’t going to be able to have everything I wanted and afford a nice long honeymoon /second wedding and I was actually shocked by how expenses weddings can become.

We wrote a list of the top 5 things that we each wanted that we would book no matter what and a list of 5 things we didn’t care for and then compromised which worked really well. It was so sad only being able to pick one of each vendor because Perth is just overflowing with creative geniuses and beautiful souls.

Bridesmaids wearing Shona Joy, Esther, Sheike and Keepsake the Label

Australian Wedding Photographer Kate Drennan

Australian Wedding Photographer Kate Drennan


A family friend who we stayed with when we first moved to Australia is a pastor and he made the ceremony really personal as I didn’t want the standard celebrant script (which I can pretty much recite off the top of my head after hearing it so many times). 

Marriage is very special to us. It’s us adventuring through life and navigating the world together through the good and the bad until one of us kicks the bucket. Someone to do life together with. A lot of people say it feels no different being married but I can already feel it has brought us closer knowing this is forever. Andrew is the most amazing human and even though we can fight a lot sometimes – usually (pretty much always) because I’m hungry – I love knowing that we will be able to find a way through anything life throws at us.

PErth City Farm Wedding Venue

Perth Groomsmen Suits

Perth City Farm Wedding ceremony

Perth City Farm Wedding ceremony


We wanted something simple, fun and outdoors that was a blank canvas for us to make our own.  Andrew’s parent’s live across the road from the Perth City Farm farmers market which was handy and I had recently shot a wedding there that I really enjoyed. It is super convenient, especially having the ceremony and reception in one place. Being such short notice, we somehow picked one of the only Saturday’s they had free in the summer so thought that was a sign. Perth City Farm and its DIY nature had its pro’s and con’s – if you’re thinking of getting married here feel free to get in touch for the low down. It is definitely a lot more effort to make it look nice than we thought!

We didn’t really have a theme for the wedding, we just wanted something outdoors and a big party that everyone could relax and have fun with little formalities, structure or any formal wedding vibes. Judging by the sore heads and feet the next morning I think we got there. 

We tried to hand-make or design as much of the wedding as possible to make it special to us, even if no one else knew about it. 

We also weren’t going to have an arbour but when I showed Andrew a picture of one I liked and he went away and made it so that was really sweet.

We now have a rose growing on is in our garden. WEDDING CEREMONY CONFETTIConfetti cannons are the best.

Best weddings in Perth on Hello May Magazine.

Perth bridesmaid dresses

The best Perth wedding florist

Best weddings in Perth on Hello May Magazine.

Kate Drennan Photography Perth City Farm wedding

Kate Drennan Photography Perth City Farm wedding

James Simmons Photography


Our whole wedding was pretty much DIY. I designed the invites with the help of my talented aunty, who painted them & Mayumi from Decarlo Calligraphy who helped me with all my signage – which I got my jeweller friend to engrave (on the day – yikes).  I hand-fed each invitation into the printer cause the beautiful handmade paper was too soft. I really enjoyed making things like that personal.

Don’t get me wrong, DIY is great for being able to personalise a wedding but in the end it was a lot harder to put together (and more expensive) than I thought! Luckily my brother Ross co-runs an awesome events company and helped (/got roped in last minute) to save the day and organise all the drinks, bar staff, logistics and setup! It was a bit different to the usual 15,000person Oktoberfest he’s used to but he did comment that he thought it was more hard work….or maybe he said i was, not sure!

Kate Drennan Photography Perth City Farm wedding in the Art Room
Kate Drennan Photography Perth City Farm wedding in the Art Room
Kate Drennan Photography Perth City Farm wedding in the Art RoomFAVOURITE THINGS
I loved every minute of the wedding, especially when Andrew surprised me with a video projection of all my family back home with little love notes. Andrew says his favourite moment was watching me walk down the aisle but says that’s too sappy to say hah and he was crying for most of it so I’m not sure how much he could see through all the tears hah! I’d never seen him cry before so it was my favourite moment until he told me I wasn’t allowed to write that!
Kate Drennan Photography's Perth City Farm wedding at Perth City Farm on Hello May MagazineKate Drennan Photography's Perth City Farm wedding at Perth City Farm on Hello May MagazineKate Drennan Photography's Perth City Farm wedding at Perth City Farm on Hello May Magazine with Odylyne the CeremonyKate Drennan Photography's Perth City Farm wedding at Perth City Farm on Hello May Magazine with Odylyne the CeremonyKate Drennan Photography's Perth City Farm wedding at Perth City Farm on Hello May Magazine with Odylyne the CeremonyKate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons PhotographyKate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons PhotographyKate Drennan Photography's Perth City Farm wedding at Perth City Farm on Hello May Magazine


This is us getting locked in a racecourse after going off-road for photos and having Uber save our bacon leaving Liv ( one of the photographers) behind with the car. 

Kate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons PhotographyKate Drennan Photography's Perth City Farm wedding at Perth City Farm on Hello May Magazine with Odylyne the CeremonyKate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons PhotographyTHE PARTY

Love me some disco balls.
One thing we weren’t sold on with City Farm was the graffiti walls so my dear Mother spent many late nights sewing up a giant curtain to cover the walls and create a blank canvas.
Feel free to hit me up if you want to hire it!

Kate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons PhotographyKate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons PhotographyKate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons PhotographyKate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons Photography
Giant sparklers are a great distraction if you don’t want to do a first dance. 

Kate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons Photography


Maevana jumpsuit

Huge thanks to Maevana for making my reception jumpsuit.

Kate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons Photography with Odylyne the ceremony


My advice.


Do what makes both of you happy and don’t do things to please others or because you think you have to.

Kate Drennan's Hello May wedding photos by James Simmons Photography with Odylyne the ceremonyWRAP IT UP

The one thing I wanted to know during wedding planning was what were the things couples were really glad they did and what did they wish they did differently.

Being someone who wanted to elope, It took a long time to come around to the whole wedding idea, especially when Andrew has such a large family and most of mine are overseas and wouldn’t be there.

I am really glad we had a celebration with everyone and didn’t elope. Even being a bit of an introvert and not liking attention we did little things during the day to make the spotlight not on us, but on people mingling and enjoying themselves. 

One big thing I learnt was that money is a renewable resource but time spent with all your loved ones in one place isn’t. You can’t get back these moments in life, they are some of the best days of our lives right here and now.


I was really glad though that we didn’t spend money on material things that at the end of the day don’t matter and I don’t even remember after the day eg. Wedding cake, expensive musicians, seating charts etc. Having family and friends there was the most important. Things like flowers will be dead the next day, to be honest, we didn’t even end up eating the food that we were so looking forward to. I didn’t hear the acoustic musician that we had hired after the one I really wanted was way out of our budget – so as good as he was I’m glad we didn’t splurge on that.
– As much as we’d have loved somewhere exotic with mountain views we loved the convenience for us and everyone doing everything centrally and at the one venue
– I’m glad I splurged on the dress. It definitely beats the $500 boho one i was originally was going to wear! And our photographer, because I can definitely appreciate that you need to splurge on this being the only thing you’re left with after the day! Moments like these will now stay with us forever. 


– I didn’t get to see or eat the amazing grazing table that Emma from Styled Notion created – her iPhone pics looked incredible or much of the fab food from Soul Provider!

– Hired someone separate to do the setup and pack down. My Brother got roped into helping but i’m sure he would recommend this too. DON’T DO DIY!

– Had more photos with friends and fam – I know this is hard but as a photographer, this is one thing I know is hard but important

– The power went out in the Kitchen at City farm so maybe had their phone number to try fix that, lucky Soul Provider sorted it and I didn’t even know it happened

– Wear a bra (lol)

– I wish I didn’t get annoyed with Andrew during planning when I couldn’t make a decision, told him he was doing nothing but then didn’t let him organise anything because I knew it wouldn’t have been pretty haha!

In the end, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m actually so glad we had a wedding over eloping, I guess maybe because we kinda got to do that with our Part 2 South African wedding. By having the two separate celebrations both our families got to witness our union and we got to do it all our way which was perfect.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

The Little Wooden Booth Co Open Photobooth Perth

The Little Wooden Booth Co Open Photobooth Perth

 Photographer James Simmons Photography Florist Botanica Naturalis Stationery & Signage Calligraphy Decarlo Studio Paper Feathers & Stone Ceremony & ReceptionPerth City Farm Catering Soul Provider Desserts Mr Super Whipp Hire Items Nokturnl Events (Furniture) Heart Strings Hire & Style (Bars, Bar Tables, Jenga) Timber & Lace CoPhoto Booth Little Wooden Booth Co.Lighting & Sound Anode Signage Laser Cut Steven Anderson Entertainment SoloistHenry Clarke via Mooi MusicDJ Dj AslanCelebrant Peter Meyer (Pastor) Engagement Ring Jogi GemsWedding Bands & Reception Earrings Steven Anderson Transport Uber Bridal Gown Odylyne The Ceremony Bridal Boutique Love Marie Reception Jumpsuit & Veil Maevana Robes Myer & Sabo Skirt Shoes Betts & Zara Hair & Makeup The Pretty Parlour Bridesmaid Dresses Keepsake The Label,SheikeShona Joy & Esther & Co. Groom’s Jacket Jack London Shirt Calvin Klein Pants Politix Bow Tie Otaa Watch CitizenGrooming Gentleman’s Hair Lounge
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