How to change your name in Perth after Marriage

e your name after getting married in Perth


Wondering how you go about actually changing your name after getting married in Perth?

Been putting it off because it sounds too hard?

I now understand why! (jks it’s not really that bad)

I really wanted to honour my husband and jump right into becoming a team and decided to change my last name.

Well, the intention was there until I realised how many things I needed to change and had no idea where to start.

It’s a bit sad leaving a name behind after 28 years and it makes it super hard when you decided to name a business after yourself for the last 8 years.

It’s even more complicated when you also just went through the process of changing your address on everything when I moved a year ago.

Or even more complicated getting halfway down the list only to give up and then never know which name to use…

Being in the middle of summer and peak wedding season when new got married, I waited 6 months to look into it when I had a bit of a break.

I reached out on social media to ask all you lovely people advice on where to begin and if it was hard to do or not.

I was so overwhelmed with all the help from all you lovely humans, there was a mixed response but got great advice on where to start and

thought I would try help you see it’s not that bad and give you some tips on how to go about it.

Please note that I wrote this in June 2018 and hopefully most companies will get with the times and go all online, so feel free to ring ahead to check before going in. 

<All info is not intended to be all inclusive, may be subject to change without notice and should be used as an initial guide only.>

The first place is the most important…

How to change your name in Perth

Obtain your ACTUAL Marriage Certificate.

So the pretty piece of paper you receive on the day (form 15), turns out nobody cares for that piece of paper, it’s merely decoration.

Step 1. Go to the marriage office to get your marriage certificate

What’s that, the certificate you get on the day isn’t actually your marriage certificate? Whattttttt.

Yup. That’s just for fun. I think I may have already lost it. Hopefully, you gave it to someone reliable on the day – but that one is only for a keepsake.

  2. Go to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. (Or print off the form and mail it in if you can’t physically go in/ live too far away but you’ll need certified ID which can be annoying).

Address: Level 10, 141 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

HoursMonday – Friday 8:30am–4:30pm, Saturday & Sunday Closed

Phone1300 305 021

If you can go off peak so you hopefully grab a parking out the front on St Georges the at Brookfield Place. Get a ticket for an hour incase ( took me about 20mins at 3:30pm on a Thursday). Walk down past Dome (on your right) and It’s the huge tall building straight ahead, inside the Westralia Square. Get an elevator on the right up to level 10.

Follow the signs (I went to the part where they do ceremonies, that is wrong, go the other way).

Once inside fill out one of the PINK FORMS.

You will need 3 forms of ID and they must be Originals or certified copies. Check the form for the 3 types.

It cost me $49.00 when I went in July 2018 and they mailed out the certificate the next week.

  1. DRIVERS LICENCE Department of Planning and Infrastructure (Licence and Vehicle Registration)

I went to a Department of Transport in Perth, took a relevant ticket for a ‘Divers Licence’ and waited about half an hour to be called. It was pretty simple she got me to fill out a form, show my old Drivers Licence, Original Marriage Certificate

I filled out the Change of Name form online prior and printed it and took it in with me. (SEE ATTACHED).

My Drivers Licence was the first one I ever had when I was 19 so I opted to get a new photo taken seeing as though I didn’t look anything like my old photo – so If you think you might need one you might try not go in half asleep as I did.



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Luckily I got denied the first 2 times I tried to get a new passport because I got a last minute job in Bali and had to jet out – so make sure you don’t have any tips planned!

If you have an Australian Passport ….

Sign up/ Login to The Australian Passport Office

If you want a nice passport photo it makes it a bit harder making sure you get one that is the right size and your face is large enough, no shadows, no hair across your eyes etc, otherwise go to Australia Post and they will take a standard possibly crappy one that will cost you around $16 but at least it will meet the standards (or so they say!).

You will need

  • A completed full application form – fill out online and print. This may take a little while and you will also need a referee and their details
  • Original documents to support your identity and citizenship  – not photocopied
  • Marriage Certificate from the marriage office

It is free if you have 2 years validity!

  • a marriage or registered relationship certificate issued by an Australian RBDM (a celebrant’s certificate is not acceptable) •
  • plus any documents that may be necessary to link your new name with the name on your previous passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate


  • Passport photos need to be a certain size
  • The application expires so make sure you update it online if you leave it too long
  • They say it takes 15 days to get a new one so make sure you aren’t planning on going anywhere within a few weeks incase. – Mine took about a month!!
  • They cut the barcode off your old passport so make sure to ask for it back if you want it as a keepsake
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Tip: Remember your Passport name needs to match the name on your (honeymoon) plane ticket!!


I have 3 different banks so the process was a bit different for each.

For Major branches like ANZ you just need to go in and show them your bank card and your marriage certificate. For online banks like ING, I had to mail or upload a certified copy of the marriage certificate.

Tip: Go to your local pharmacy (etc) and get about 6 photocopies certified so you have them ready). Some pharmacies just ask for a gold coin donation per certified stamp. You will need to have the original with you.

Also note, this will most likely change your card number so you will have to change all your direct debits – annoying as heck!

Store Cards – I just went through my wallet. Including things like RAC, VELOCITY AND QANTAS FREQUENT FLYERS, Woolworths rewards, Priceline etc

Some I could login to online and change without any proof of ID, others I called up


I am with REST Super:

Email a copy (doesn’t need to be certified) to


This seemed super easy and all done online – yay! No printing or posting.


Go into a Medicare branch (preferably during a weekday mid-morning to avoid any lines). They will give you a form to fill out and then they will process it there and then, and give you a piece of paper with your new number on there until your new one arrives in the mail


  • Your Medicare number will change so you will need to change this first before the next step…


You will need to update your name and Medicare name AND number. Medicare will just be showing them the card which may be enough proof for a name change, otherwise take your drivers licence for photo ID in case.


Mygov changed automatically when I changed it through Medicare but (if you work) you will need to change it with the ATO too – just call up and quote your partner’s name and marriage registration number on the top right of the certificate.


I’m my own boss lady so I told myself.


Most likely just to tell them your name, and change any direct debits.

Pilates, Yoga, Gym membership, Mum’s clubs… I’m obviously not very social as this is all I can think of


My hubby is amazing and responsible for filing all these so I didn’t have to do anything


Home, Vehicle etc



Lawyers, Accountants, Centrelink, Mortgage Brokers


Get them to update their contacts – update your Social Media if you want to

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Email account


Create a new one!

Get your old email redirected to your new email to avoid missing out on anything – sending out an email asking people to change your email is a good start but you probably won’t get 100% success rate! Last but not least if you are a client of mine please update your Client Portal with your new email so I can keep sending you all the good stuff!


Good luck 🙂

Once again, this is just a guide and may not be correct – feel free to take from it what you like and reach out if you think of anything else / come across any tips or hurdles!

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