Hi, I’m Kate!

I love to travel, drink red wine around a campfire, spend time with incredible humans in exotic locations and capture epic people’s love stories.

Chances are if you’re viewing this you’re engaged, so congratulations that’s awesome!

After getting married this year myself I have been able to experience the planning and a wedding day from all angles and see what really matters after the day is over.

Current Travel Plans…

May | Scotland, France, Santorini   /    July | Bali  /  Sept | Kangaroo Valley, Tamworth, Melbourne


May | Queenstown  /   September | Queenstown   +  Where ever your love story takes me!

Australia’s Top Wedding Photographer of the Year 2017 Runner-Up – Capture Magazine

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Hi, I’m Kate

A little bit 'bout me

  • I don't really like having my photo taken
  • This is me -> Well me awkwardly dressed up for a photo, to see what i look like normally click the link below
  • Pineapples should definitely be on pizza. Currently trialling GF pizza. Yep. Terrible, I know
  • I am passionate about helping people, my business supports social enterprises Thankyou™ & Compassion Child Sponsorship

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