What to wear to your engagement session

What to wear to your Engagement Session

View my Pinterest board HERE of some examples to get some more ideas. 



Break the rules. Do it your way. You don’t have to listen to any of these, they are just a guide to get ideas!


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Be Real and Comfortable

Wear clothes that make you feel you

Being comfortable will make you more comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t go wearing stilettos and a minidress when you’re a T-shirt and jeans kinda girl.


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Neutrals and plain colours are timeless

Beige, pastels, navy and blush, black and white look great.

In winter deep moody colours like Burgundy and red wine paired with blacks and denim work great, also mustard and olive green.


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Avoid patterns, Logos and Trends

This includes stripes, dots, on-trend brands and on-trend clothing that will date

Try avoid scrappy tops that show bra straps.


Match your attire and location to the season.

A Cosy fleece and woollen throw over the couch in front of a fireplace for a cosy home engagement session or a silk slip for a night time shoot in the city will add that glimmer. In Summer if you’re game – a white one-piece bather with your man in boardies will look killer at sunset in the waves – add a surfboard for a summer surf session and denim jacket to get cosy around a fire in the dunes.


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Bring props that make you, you

Tossing back a couple before the shoot can help you relax but why not bring along some champagne to pop (and spray everywhere for some fun shots).  I’ve had a couple bring along a basketball because they met through the groom playing for the Wildcats.


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Compliment each other but don’t match.

This is not a Christmas card.


Go barefoot if you want!

You don’t need to wear heels and dress shoes


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Accessorise with textures

Anything from a textured scarf to chunky earrings to add that ’wow’ factor.

Fur, Leather, Lace etc brings more warmth to your images. For example, throw on an Un-Real Fur Dream Jacket for a chilly mountaintop adventure session for some striking imagery.


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Bring a Second outfit

If you would like variety but be mindful of time and place to change!


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Let it flow but Don’t fly away

In the right weather and on the right angles, a flowy maxi dress or skirt can look amazing! Walking shots add motion and with the right material, great textures.

Billowy tops can make you look bigger than you are if windy. Make sure to pair them with skinny jeans or shorts to balance the look.


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Flatter your body type

Accentuate your assets and feel comfortable and great.

  • Pear-Shaped: Show off those curves!  A-line designs are always my go-to, anything that focuses on cinching the waist and flares out at the bottom from the hips.
  • Apple-Shaped: An A-line style with a gradual flow from the waist to the legs is always flattering. Textured clothing and/or a deep V-neck always looks great.
  • Busty: Scoop and sweetheart necklines offer support and open up the décolletage so the focus is on the face rather than the bust, unless that is what you are after ;p
  • Small Chest: Look for textured styles to create fullness in the chest area and show off that frame!


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Shoot over sunset and until dark

The golden hour is gorgeous for images and you can get some nice raw moments as the sun sets


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