Wedding Planning 6 months to go

Wedding Planning – 6 months to go

Photos from my wedding by the awesome @Jimmons

Design and send out Invitations

I have a soft spot for good branding and beautiful stationery. Paige Tuizee, Written Word or The Little Press are some of my favourites. Finalise your guest list, this might mean compromise. Do you want children there being hilarious and playing up (which makes for great photos) or do you want the adults to relax, have the night off and party hard (which makes for an awesome party)? Try send them all out as quickly as possible and as close together as possible, there’s nothing worse than one friend asking another if they have been invited and doubting how much you love them. Everyone sends these at different times, depending on how soon you are getting married and if you sent out save the dates – if so you could wait until 2 months before.

Wedding invitations Perth

Decarlo Studio did my Wedding Invitation Calligraphy and my Aunt watercoloured them on handmade torn edged paper by Feather and Stone

Shop for Bridesmaid dresses

Take the girls shopping! Before you go, decide whether they are going to buy and/or choose their own dresses. Will they be free to do different styles in the same colour or pick a colour palette and just have different shades? Gone are the days where they have to be the same! Especially if your girls are all different sizes and want them to feel comfortable and not compare with each other.

I opted for a neutral colour scheme and let the girls pick their dresses (with a few ideas thrown in the mix haha)



Bridesmaid Dresses Perth

Bridesmaid Dresses Perth Shona Joy, Coco and Lola, Sheike and Keepsake the Label


Decide where to go on Honeymoon!

Yay fun times!

Remember typical honeymoon spots like Bora-Bora while beautiful are higher prices for honeymooners. Why not try off the grid a bit more, be adventurous! – View my list of the top honeymoon venues HERE.


Santorini Wedding Photographer

Do a pre-marriage course

Marriage counselling has a stigma to it but we were so surprised and found it super helpful, finding out things we had no idea about each other – I dare you! We did ours through a guy we had never met at Riverview Church but there are so many people that do it depending on your views (the course is not all – ask your friends or hop onto Relationships Australia I think they have a heap of people that run the courses. You just do an online quiz (separately) which takes about half an hour then you meet with someone external that goes through the report it spits out. There are no right or wrong answers but it is amazing how it brings up discussions you would never think to have or maybe feel too awkward talking about out of the blue.

Queenstown New Zealand Elopement Photos

Random photo that has nothing to do with pre-marriage courses


Book Furniture, lighting

Or if you have a stylist/ planner they can do this for you. Some favourites are Heart Strings Hire and Style, Event Artillery and Hire Society.


Perth wedding furniture hire

Perth Wedding Furniture: Custom made, Heart Strings and Hire, Mega Sound and Lighting, Anode Electrical


Pick a florist

Start deciding on what flowers you like – ask your florist what will be in bloom the time of your wedding, decide on a colour palette for the whole wedding to weave throughout your decor and stationery to create a cohesive design that reflects your personalities.

Your bouquets don’t have to match!


Bridesmaid Dresses Perth

Bouquets by Botanica Naturalis

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