I am a strong believe that photos should be printed and available for generations to look back on and gawk at how beautiful you looked. These luxurious books are handmade to perfection and will make you want to hug and sniff them all day long.

I think albums should also reflect your personalities so there are many variations in colour and textured covers, come in different sizes and you can even have your own logo branded on the cover.

Mini Albums | Mini Albums are designed by a professional designer for you from start to finish to ensure you receive your album pronto. They include up to 30 spreads (15 pages) full of the most beautiful photos from your day.

Deluxe Albums | The Deluxe albums have a shinier pearl photo paper and a beautiful linen cover. They come with either your names or wedding date in roman numerals inked on the cover. The most popular colours are charcoal, rich navy and forest green.

Fine Art Albums | These bad boys have luxurious velvet matte ‘fine art’ paper and gorgeous silks and linens with foiled branding. They have thick boarded pages which are to die for and are like no other wedding album. The archival paper means they will be an heirloom for generations.  The 10″ Fine art albums give you the option of choosing your favourite 50 images to be used as a guide for the design, along with 2 rounds of review and up to 10 changes/swaps per review. These images will be professionally layer out in your own unique design over 30 spreads (15 pages). Your 10″ Fine art album will be your prize possession on the coffee table inside its gorgeous hand made wooden box.

Prices start start from:

Mini Deluxe Album $550

Mini Fine Art Album $850

[Bespoke] Deluxe Album $950

[Heirloom ] Fine Art Album $1800