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Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory

- Dr Seuss

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My ideal couples are drunk in love and connect with my work and idea of a ‘wedding’.

They are real and down to earth, fun, carefree, creative individuals planning on including personal touches to make their wedding day

about them. I love couples who aren’t afraid to get dirty, cause with my love for adventure, let’s face it you probably will.

I don’t mind at all if you are camera shy and don’t want to spend the day posing for photos.

I find beauty in the quiet, awkward and raw moments where you are free to be yourselves.

You can have rad as heck styling or no styling at all, as long as you’re rad as heck in love (and not afraid to show it) that’s all that matters.



I’m a visual storyteller who loves documenting life as it unfolds, capturing moments along the way that you may or may not remember after the day.

Hey that rhymed! Emotion and connection are my jam.  I make images that reflect who you are together.

To be truly honest I don’t love weddings, I do believe strongly in marriage and the connection between people.

I’m a bit of an introvert but love people.

Moody light, confetti cannons, epic locations, giant sparklers, llamas, cliff top ceremonies and spraying bubbles everywhere may make for great photos but a fun bunch of people, a connection  & happiness make imagery come alive.

I’m a sucker for personalised vows, usually hiding behind the camera trying to hold it together during the ceremony.

Planning a wedding myself has opened up my eyes to a whole new dimension to the wedding planning process!

I have begun creating a blog (still a work in progress!) filled with a stack of info on where to begin,

my favourite vendors, and starting in July, the process I took along the way!


I would love to hear it!

So go and think about it.

What connects you to each other? What makes you two ‘you’?

Every time you go to book something or plan the day ask yourself, why you doing it, what does it mean to you?

Does it reflect you as a couple? Is it making that day rad AF or do you just think you have to do it because it’s what everyone else does?

My people value photographs as one of the most important products/ service at the wedding.

Photos to them are lifelong memories and precious heirlooms to share with future generations.

They see photographs as apart of their legacy and realise they are the only thing left with after the day has past to tell their story.

They look at the image of their dad handing them over at the ceremony and remember that first time they have ever seen him get emotional,

they can smell the fresh air from their intimate mountain elopement, they can feel the squeeze of their now late Grandad during the congratulations.



I love the fact that I can capture love bonds and every time you look at an image you are transported back to that very moment.

How you felt, how in love you were, what those people around you meant to you.

I love that people who weren’t even at your wedding can feel the connection and emotion.

I will travel just about anywhere to capture a good love story!