Perth Wedding Fairs + Blogs

A few of my couples have asked me how to find awesome wedding inspiration without having to google through a million boring traditional sites and attend huge crazy tacky wedding fairs. I’ve worked in the wedding industry for over 8 years and have seen trends come and go, from vintage styling with burlap table runners to rustic barnyard weddings. As Coc Chanel says ‘Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal’. Planning a wedding a year or more in advance means that trends will fade so don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Be unique, personalise your wedding to suit you, your personalities and your style.

To help get you going I have a suggested vendor list on my wedding photos page HERE. I’m a sucker for amazing wedding locations, so if you find anything rad which i haven’t covered in my favourite wedding venues in Perth list please send me an email! While i think it all depends on your style, here are some of my favourite places for wedding inspiration from Perth and beyond 🙂

Wedding Expos and Fairs in Perth, WA

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