A bit about me

photographer, traveller and red wine lover


Most days you can find me in my cute little studio in Leederville with Maevana,

usually forgetting to water our growing number of pot plants and sipping on a cold cup of coffee,

cause let’s be honest I’m usually too busy editing photos & flicking through the millions of browser tabs I have open.


Kate Drennan Photography Leederville

This is me, although I definitely don’t look like that today… (must have been taken before getting married and living the good life)





I started dating my now husband Andrew at Running of the Bulls in Spain

Yes, we ran and no I would never do it again

We got married twice last year, once in Perth and again a few months later in South Africa, so I know a thing or two about the high’s and low’s of planning a wedding

Check out our awkward as heck faces at our wedding here. 


Kate Drennan's wedding

V                                                                      Us looking pretty                                                             V

Kate Drennan Perth Photographer's South African wedding

…and a few hours later at both weddings, in true fashion


I am passionate about supporting the following movements:

Thankyou & Compassion Child Sponsorships

So by hiring me, you are also being a great human.

I spend a lot of time in Africa between visiting family and camping through the North East taking Polaroid photos of children in rural communities, giving them images of themselves, some have never seen what they look like.

I am currently launching MOVE MOUNTAINS PRINTS, a social enterprise with 100% of profits going to help people have access to daily necessities that we might take for granted


Kate Drennan Perth Photographer for Move Mountains Prints



Sundays are best spent drinking wine around a campfire

Mainly Vino Rosso whilst camping on the beach in our one-man swag

About Kate Drennan


Travelling is my jam. I have visited 44 countries so far

But still get scared as heck on every plane landing – how airplanes don’t flip over is beyond me.

If you’re thinking of a destination elopement or wedding, I’m there!

Kate Drennan Perth Photographer in Machu Picchu Peru

I also love Lamas.


I grew up in South Africa between the beach and a Pineapple Farm

And yes pineapples should definitely be on pizza.


Kate Drennan Perth Photographer


 I like pretty things but also being real

Which means I’m often torn between Social Media & Reality, cause let’s be honest, life is never as glamorous as it appears on Instagram.

If you’re looking for a super cool hipster photographer that puts trendy orange filters over your images I’m probably not the right fit cause I believe images should be truthful and timeless.

Perth photographer Kate Drennan in Africa


The taco & facepalm icons never leave my emoji favourites

Possibly because I’m in love with guacamole and always doing something stupid. Like aggravating this angry silverback on the slippery mountain edge in Uganda.

Perth wedding photographer Kate Drennan


I love just about anything if it’s teal

Except for mouldy tacos

Perth wedding photographers

Trolltunga Norway and Lux South Ari Atoll, Maldives


I use exclamation marks way too often

And can’t spell to save my life! Especially when I get excited about sloths…

Perth lifestyle and travel photographer


I’d love to meet you and hear your story

So go on… tell me below, I can’t wait to hear!

And while you’re here, leave a comment on your favourite place you have been to!


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