A bit about me…

Hi, I'm Kate!

An adventurous creative who loves meeting new people, seeing new places and documenting life's fleeting moments.

"The body says what words cannot.." 

I grew up in South Africa between a little beach community and my Grandad's pineapple farm. A farm girl at heart turned city dweller in Perth, I go back to Africa at every possible moment - it is by far my most favourite place in the world. The people, culture and landscapes are all so incredible. A few years ago I started a series called 'Portraits of Africa' (original, i know) where I take Polaroid snaps of children in rural communities and give them images our themselves - some who have never seen what they even look like. This is a very humbling experience and I always come back totally moved and more appreciative of how lucky we are to live the way we do in Perth.  

When I'm not out capturing epic love stories you can find my in my cute little studio in Leederville with Maevana watering our pot plants and taking turns making coffee or walking down to Pixel. I love the outdoors and on weekends off aka Winter you'll find me with my 10 of a husband (yes, that's weird to say!) camping in our one man swag, trying to surf (i spend more time under the water than above) and drinking wine. 

From rafting down Victoria falls, Running with the bulls in Spain and sitting on the edge of Trolltunga in Norway, my thrill for adventure spills over into my work and I'm always wanting to hang off a cliff somewhere to get an epic shot.

Some say I'm a bit all over the place, a bit like my internet browser with a million tabs open. I love imperfections and awkwardness almost as much as red wine and tacos. I'm a bit awkward myself and try to be unobtrusive whilst shooting. I like to think these help my couples feel at ease around me?!

If you don't particularly like having your photo taken, you're not alone! I get awkward as heck.
Enough about me, I want to hear about you!

Go on, tell me your story...

Perth Wedding Photographer Cape Town, South Africa Wedding Photographer Perth Wedding Photographer Perth Kate Drennan Photography   

This is a rare photo of me that isn’t of the back of my head…

Photo: Alex Cohen

I got married recently myself in both Perth and South Africa and I feel like it was the most insightful adventure into knowing how the other side feels!

Kate Drennan Photography Perth Wedding
Kate Drennan Photography Cape Town Wedding


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