A bit about me…

Hey there,  I’m Kate!

Most days you can find me in my cute little studio in Leederville with Maevana, usually forgetting to water our growing number of pot plants, sipping on a cold cup of coffee, cause let's be honest I'm usually too busy with my jaw dropped to the floor totally crushing on the babes on my editing screen while flicking through the millions of browser tabs I have open.

I  am  mostly  known for traveling all over the place from around Perth to New Zealand and around the world, trying to find uniquely beautiful spots with gorgeous people and fascinating cultures. I think people would say my brand is relatable and down to earth with a colourful, fun and raw style that doesn't sway with trends so remains timeless, full of life and colour. 

I  love serving the world by helping people, and because I wasn’t blessed to be a doctor I love to go beyond just taking your photo. I want to help in any way I can, even if it is just letting you know which florist would suit your style or just have someone to chat to when you feel yourself going a bit crazy.

I am so blessed to have recently married my best friend (sounds cliche but seriously, he was friend zoned for like 5 years). A kickass courtyard bash under the stars at Perth City Farm and then again in a true African style party in the bush by the sea with a braai and afternoon surf, so I know a thing or two about planning a wedding and all the high’s and low’s involved! It may sound funny but I don't particularly like 'weddings', I love gatherings of loved ones and I love people, and capturing their incredible connection. 

I photograph their connection during this incredibly special time of their lives,  I capture moments and memories they will and won’t see, that they will and won’t remember years down the track, I  create products as ways to share this legacy with all their loved ones and to pass down through generations. I aim to inspire them to do what makes them happy and create something unique and special to them.   I try connect with people who...    

  are  looking  for something different and personalised to them

  desire to have all the candid moments captured, when they are natural and themselves not posed  

  are freakin’ amped to make it one hell of a party to remember

I’ve been honoured to be named Australian wedding photographer of the Year runner-up in Capture Magazine. Not that awards mean anything, I actually only entered because I wanted to enter my personal series ‘Portraits of Africa’ I shot whilst in Namibia (Travel website up soon!). While entering I thought I may as well put a series in the wedding category while I was there. 

Having grown up in South Africa and having a huge passion for Africa, a few years ago I started a series called 'Portraits of Africa' (original, i know) where I take Polaroid photographs of children in rural communities and give them images of themselves - some who had never seen what they even look like. This is a very humbling experience and I always come back totally moved and more appreciative of how lucky we are to live the way we do in Perth, and how amazing the art of photography is. 

Being able to capture a moment in time that you can never repeat or get back and publish it to share with people who may or may not have been there, and make them feel something. When opening up their leather bound wedding album the couples can hear the song that was playing during that dance, they smell the fresh air of their mountaintop elopement ceremony, they get goosebumps seeing their hubby cry for the first time as they walk down the aisle, and tear up themselves seeing the warm embrace of a post-ceremony hug from a grandmother or loved one who may have sadly passed on since.

As ballet dancer Martha Graham once said,

“The body says what words cannot.." 

I love that. 

 I also love the notion from Ted Grant 

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” 

When  I’m not busy working on weddings you can catch me camping on the dunes in a one-man swag with my babe of a husband, Andrew. The one man swag is fine because the only weekends I have off from weddings are in winter so we get to snuggle. 

From rafting down Victoria falls, tip-toeing across glaciers in New Zealand and sitting on the edge of Trolltunga in Norway, my thrill for adventure spills over into my work and I'm always wanting to hang off a cliff somewhere to get an epic shot.

I love imperfections and awkwardness almost as much as red wine and tacos, If I go quiet on a wedding day that’s a good thing, because that’s when you aren’t being told what to do and have the freedom to be at ease and be yourself, that’s when the magic happens. I'm a bit awkward myself and try to be unobtrusive whilst shooting. I like to think these help my couples feel at ease around me?!

If you don't particularly like having your photo taken, you're not alone! I get awkward as heck.

Five things you might not know about me.  

  1. I spent most of my childhood on a pineapple farm in South Africa
  2. I started dating my now husband at Running of The Bulls in Spain, yes we ran and no I would never do it again! I say it’s both the most stupid and best thing I have ever done in my life.
  3. I am terrible at making decisions
  4. I am one of the only creatives I know that doesn’t own a pet
  5. I have a bad habit of watching Gilmore girls on repeat

Enough about me, I want to hear about you!

Go on, tell me your story...

This is a rare photo of me that isn’t of the back of my head…

Photo: Alex Cohen

I got married recently myself in both Perth & South Africa so I know a bit about planning a shindig!

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